Monday, August 13, 2007

I`m alive!!

I feel distanced and disconnected.

I haven`t had a chance to send emails or check my facebook or write in my blog or talk to my family and friends in about a week, and I`m starting to freak out!

So far I`ve been okay, but the lack of connectivity is wearing on me. I could go to a internet cafe (they`re very nice, with comfy chairs, tons of snacks, sometimes even the possibility of staying all night and having a shower) but I`ve been counting on being able to use the internet at work. However, today, my first day at the office, I can`t figure out how to connect my computer to the wireless network here, so I can`t put up the posts and pictures that I have on my personal laptop. I`m using one of their laptops, with a slightly different keyboard and none of the materials I want to work with. It will probably be a few weeks, maybe a month at the outside, before I actually have internet in my home.

So, as a short update, I`m alive. In fact, everything has been going quite well. We haven`t done any real work yet, and we haven`t been spending much time with Japanese people, mostly just with fellow JETs. We hiked up a local mountain/hill yesterday and got an awesome view of the city and the surrounding mountains. I have been quite fine so far, living on my own for the first time, but I think that I will start to feel lonely and disconnected if I can`t pretend to talk to people online in the comfort of my home.

Hopefully I`ll figure out how to hook up my laptop, so I can show off all the fun I`ve been having so far!


Jennifer said...

Hey Alex, hang in there! Internet will come soon. If you can't wait, maybe try the lobby of a nearby hotel. Just tell them you lost the guest access code. Anyway, virtual connections aside, do try to meet a Japanese person. I hear they are nice :) Oh and send us your address already so we can send you some mail! Keep posting too. I am your number one super happy fun fan. Jen

Ashleah said...

Alex! Thank goodness you're alive. I've been hitting refresh on your site a little too regularly (don't want to miss a post).

We're looking forward to pictures, so go drink some coffee and bring along your laptop.

Peace, B.