Saturday, August 4, 2007

3:33am, T-Minus 9 Hours 12 Minutes

Sojourner's Highlight: Procrastination was fine in university, but don't employ it universally.

I'm an idiot.

I know it's early in the post to be repeating myself, but upon realisation of the magnitude of my idiocy, I feel the revelation bears reiteration: if you couldn't tell already (because it was news to me) I'm a huge idiot!

I had not spent ONE minute prior to today (actually, now it's yesterday) attempting to pack my luggage. In fact, prior to today I didn't even know which luggage I would be using. Actually, I'm still not really sure which luggage I'll ultimately be taking with me.

I spent all morning gathering my belongings from around the house, as well as throwing nearly all my clothing into the laundry (three loads). Eventually, I amassed a large pile of my miscellany upon my bed and stared at it in confused horror. Then I proceeded to attempt to stuff said miscellany into my clearly too small duffel bag-thingamajig.

In the middle of the day, we had a JET meeting to receive our tickets and passports back. Surprisingly this was the first time we actually found out when our flight leaves tomorrow/today. (-Oh, and my criminal check was in the JET office, buried deep in their pile of growing miscellany.) I could have simply checked the airport website, but that thought never occured to me. So, interestingly, neither my doting mother nor devoted father will be able to attend the usual Airport Farewell. Fortunately my awesome eldest brother has both the desire to accompany me to my departure and the vehicular means to enable transport thereto.

By the way, I know 'thereto' is a really dorky word, but at this time of night/morning, I think my imagined audience can forgive me.

I don't know what else to say, really. I'm in an absolutely bizzare, but calm, content disposition presently. You know, 'it hasn't sunk in yet.' Not quite real yet. Imminent, yet still hard to believe.

I will write a post more thoughtfully reflecting back upon this past few weeks, perhaps killing some of the 10 hour flight to Narita, Tokyo. For now, mostly I wanted to impress a warning upon any other likeminded idiots out there with a procastinatory academic modus operandi: you can B.S. your way through a paper the night before it's due without too much trouble; however, you can't B.S. baggage into being bigger. Plan ahead, pack earlier.

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Anonymous said...

i cannot believe i forgot to say this to you...
hope you managed to fit it all in, or that you made some judicial wardrobe choices. cant wait to hear some stories about partaying in tokyo. i finished HP tonight, so i feel a nice sense of completion, although i DID stay up until 4am (honestly) fri night reading it. im also starting to feel a slight far-off tingle of nerves abuot my lack of housing for september. today i had a spectacularly frustrating moment when i went to go check out a room, only to find out it was, quite absurdly and literally, a closet that had been "converted". needless to say... still homeless.
talk to you soon. do you check these comments by the way??

love, Caitie