Thursday, August 2, 2007


Sojourner's Highlight: The week before you go is not 7 days, but 168 hours to the minute.

For Example:

8:30am - 12pm Finish some landscaping in the yard of a nice lady I do some work for.

12pm - 1:30pm Do a 'rapid shop' buying (only) TWO articles of clothing and a plug adapter, in case I do end up needing it, and subsequently freaking out once more about spending too much money and reconsidering whether my appearance actually IS important and I SHOULD be spending this much money on clothes. Also, while at the mall, exchange some dollars into Yen, provoking many thoughts about my insufficiently thought out banking/credit/money situation.

1:30-1:50 ish Write a BlogPost while simultaneously trying to contact the Consulate of Japan because the JET coordinator cannot locate my criminal records check, even though I know it's in their office somewhere.

1:50-2:30pm Probably go to the police station and request another crminal records check, somehow making them rush it so it only takes a day this time, instead of the 10 in the snailmail it took last time, so that I can take it with me to pre-departure seminar on Friday and I am allowed to go to Japan after all.

2:30pm-3:30pm Have some lunch, get back to reading one of those japanese 'historical novels' because I stayed up till 2am the other day finishing the Deathly Hollows.

3:30-6ish Visit with cousin-friend, for a hike or coffee or something, deep conversation, and a heartfelt farewell.

7ish - 11ish Visit with Juan de Fuca companion, possibly going to fireworks, possibly simply seeking that quality time that is so hard to come by.

11-1am Get my bag out and stuff some stuff into it to see just how much stuff I should be able to stuff in my luggage.

I'm pretty sure yesterday was busier, though.

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