Saturday, July 28, 2007

the preliminary goodbye begins

Sojourner's Highlight: Plan time for farewell's and snailmail.

Every hour counts!

I'm trying to find time to finish off my last minute shopping (still don't have nice clothes for work, or a nice formal suit, or a gift for my supervisor when I get there) and frantically trying to schedule in meetings with friends and family. Life has a way of keeping people busy, but there's no simply putting off that beer or coffee or walk or chat when there's only ONE WEEK LEFT! When a dear friend rainchecked last night, we both nearly started panicking because we might not be able to find any time to meet before I go.

It's doubly hard to be motivated to finish my runaround errands because I'm so relaxed after my hiking trip, and I'm so confident that everything will work out that it seems I almost expect everything to wrap itself up (which it won't).

I also didn't realise how close I cut it with a couple things:
My car - just lucky my friend is interested, because clearly two weeks of advertising was not enough to sell it.
My driver's licence - had to renew, and should just barely get it in the mail in time before I go, and in time to get my international license.
My camera - just got in the mail, but if anything had happened at the factory or the border to delay, I simply might not have got it in time.
My laptop - my dad just discovered a problem with the new-to-me laptop he's giving me, because I didn't pester him sooner to hurry up and prepare it for me. It was easy for him to fix, but if we'd waited any longer, it might have been discovered by computer-illiterate me.

I'm not too mad at myself, because I've stayed fairly composed so far, and I do think I'll be able to get it all done in time. It is DEFINITELY frantic right now trying to squeeze people in or fit around their schedule's.

By the way, I am quite in nonromantic love with my new camera, and I haven't even given the price a second thought since I turned it on and started taking pictures.

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