Sunday, July 1, 2007

a journey not yet begun

You never know how you will start until after you've already begun. And so, to remove that uncertainty as soon as possible, I begin.

To cut to the proverbial chase, the purpose of this blog will be to act as a personal record of my experiences, as well as provide others the ability to share in those experiences, if for some strange reason they desire to do so, which I doubt will be the case after they read this incredibly generic introductory sentence about the purpose of blogs.

My 'experiences,' to be more specific, shall centre around an exciting new development in my life: moving to Japan for (at least) a year to teach and to learn. Once flown to Japan by the government-funded JET Programme, I will be teaching the closest approximation to English that I can muster. Concurrently, I will be learning... everything else. I have so much to learn about the world around me, and I am very excited to start at the opposite end of the Earth and work my way back home over the course of my lifetime. I have so much to learn about myself, and so much of myself to formulate as I grow up and move out and move on.

Hopefully you sense the sense of potential with which I attempt to imbue my words. At this point in my life, I am trying to realise - you know, to truly feel, in my breath and my bones - how much of life lies before me, undetermined potential that craves definition.

On the other hand, I need constantly remind myself that life is not only potential to be explored later, but also the excitation of that potential in every instant. In that regard, I am super stoked to begin my adventures in Japan, affectionately though perhaps not humourously known to me by the appellation J-Spot.

BUT, as far as the J-Spot is concerned, my adventures are a month away since I do not leave until August 4th. And so, all this blog can be until then is an account of my anxieties and, perhaps, hopefully, of my preparations mental and physical for said approaching adventures.

In other words: Holy moly, I'm Going to the J-Spot!

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