Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my garbage poetry

Randomata: Different garbage is picked up four days a week, with 'burnables' repeated on tues and fri. First, you decide if a piece of trash is not 'burnable' but 'non-burnable'. If it's not 'burnable' and it's not 'miscellaneous non-recyclable non-burnable', clearly it is 'recyclable non-burnable', and then you simply have to differentiate it specifically from the various other not 'burnable' nor 'miscellaneous non-recyclable non-burnable' 'recyclable non-burnables'. But don't forget to separate any 'burnable' or 'miscellaneous non-recyclable non-burnable' parts of the 'recyclable non-burnable' (such as the cap off your bottle).

I'm not a salaryman: that I know for sure.
I'd rather be out living, that's what salary is for!

Neither am I fond of the ten hour crunch,
the two hour train, and thirty-five lunch.

I need to do dishes and vacuum and sweep,
exercise and socialize and hopefully sleep.

I work hard - I do! - I'm not just lazy.
But living to work is a little bit crazy.

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